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Commercial Greenhouses

The most complete greenhouse for the most competitive price on the market.

This A-Frame design is made for high winds and snow loads typical to northern areas. Cross connections attach purlins to bows eliminating drilling. Construction is quick and easy!

- Economical and expandable
- Efficient design provides 2,688 sq.ft. of growing space in a 28′ x 96′ greenhouse, cooled with only 2 - 36″ exhaust fans
- Flexible design accommodates up to 6″ elevation changes
- Complete greenhouse or just the frame
- 4′ or 5′ bow spacing

Widths: 30′, 28′, 24′, 20′, 16′, 14′
Lengths: 48′, 72′, 96′ or any 4′ or 5′ increment
Sidewall Height: 4′, 5′, 6′
Apex Height: Varies due to width and sidewall height (click on drawing below)commercial-greenhouses-red-gh.jpg
Frame: 1.660″ galvanized steel
Optional Heavy-duty Bows: 1.900″ galvanized steel
Purlins: 1.315″ galvanized steel
Stakes: 1.900″ galvanized steel

Heavy-duty Bows
Cooling System
Motorized Shutters
Natural Gas, LP Heaters
Additional BTU Heaters
Additional Cross Braces
Additional Cross Connectors
Poly Film Covering
Shade Cloth
Extra-length Anchor Stakes

Complete Greenhouse Package Includes
Bows with purlins, cross braces and corner wind braces, anchor stakes, cross connectors and hardware kit. Slantwall housing with belt drive fan and motorized shutters. Heater with bracket, inflation blowers/brackets, thermostats, 6 mil 4-year poly film, batten tape and wire lock poly fastener system. Instruction manual.commercial-greenhouses-purlin-clamp.jpg

Frame Package Includes

Bows with purlins, cross braces and corner wind braces, anchor stakes and hardware kit. Instruction manual.

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